ordering, payment and delivery


Have you found a beautiful painting? Ordering is easy, click on 'buy/more information' and fill in your details and check 'I want to buy this work', if you send this form, using the Send button, we will contact you. During this conversation we discuss whether you want to see it work before you receive it and make an appointment for the payment and delivery. Agreement after this conversation is final. This applies only to the artworks in the gallery, the articles in the artshop, can be bought directly from the art shop.


The invoice of the artworks from the gallery must be paid within 14 days. After we received the payment, we will start with the logistics of the shipment.



Once we receive payment, we will do our best to make sure that you work will be delivered within one month, we will obviously contact you to arrange for delivery. The artwork will be delivered, outside the Netherlands, for a small fee by dogarthouse or by a courier company. If you received the artwork damaged, which was not previously reported, you should notify us within 24 hours.